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Hands-On Quickbooks: An Overview

Start Using QuickBooks®With Confidence!

Experience the difference with our small class sizes, your hands-on training, and our personal attention.

This WBCNA QuickBooks workshop is a small, hands-on, interactive, and personal QuickBooks learning experience. Questions and participation are always welcomed and encouraged throughout the class. Register now and gain the benefits from our experienced instructors and minimal class sizes. The WBCNA offers two types of workshops – Beginners and Advanced.

Beginners QuickBooks provides an introduction to the basic features in QuickBooks. Individuals grasp what QuickBooks has to offer, become familiar with common tasks, and where to find information on more advanced tasks.

Ideally suited for:

  • Individuals who are starting or growing a business
  • Small start-ups that are less than 6 months old
  • Individuals who want a better understanding of QuickBooks

Advanced QuickBooks provides a deeper level of training into the advanced features of QuickBooks. Individuals will be able to use QuickBooks in daily operations and use some of the features to enhance reporting and user capability.

Ideally suited for:

  • Users who have been through the Beginners workshop
  • Users who have a good understanding of accounting basic concepts
  • Individuals who want a more advanced understanding of QuickBooks

Both workshops include:

1. An individual computer for you to work on for the duration of the class. We feel that a hands-on training environment enhances the retention of the material and provides a more interactive and inclusive training experience. Your instructors will guide you through the class and give you detailed explanations, examples, and direction as you work through the program.

2. Qualified instructors to lead the workshop. Our instructors are from local accounting firms and are QuickBooks specialists.

3. A small class atmosphere to learn in. We keep our classes small to ensure that you get the guidance, instruction, and attention that you are looking for. We encourage class participation and discussion and ensure that you leave our class with the answers you are seeking.  Our instructors truly care that you obtain the best possible QuickBooks instruction and strive to ensure that you get exactly what you came for.

4. Follow-up business coaching. After the class, if you have specific questions, want your chart of accounts or financial reports reviewed, or just want more financial guidance, we have business coaches available to help you.  And it’s totally FREE. For more information on our business coaching, click here.

You WILL leave this workshop with the confidence, knowledge, and training needed to track your company's finances easily and accurately.

Cost: Beginners $50 in advance; Advanced $75 in advance. Class sizes are limited to 10.

Beginners Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of accounting helpful, or get the basics at our Accounting 101 workshop or our online training – Accounting Fundamentals.

Advanced Prerequisite: Completion of Beginners QuickBooks or an previously established understanding of QuickBooks.

Check our calendar for program dates.