Engage In Entrepreneurship

Starting or growing a business involves many stages that can lead to many questions. Getting those questions answered quickly can save you time and money.

Business owners often feel alone and do not know where to turn for assistance. Being a part of an entrepreneurial and business community can provide the support you need to ask questions, get answers, and grow your business.  This is exactly what our Engage in Entrepreneurship program is all about. 

From helping you get started to planning your exit strategy, Engage in Entrepreneurship provides personalized assistance to help you succeed in three steps:

  • Step One: Engage Orientation
    Understand exactly how we can become a catalyst for your success through our tailored programming, expert one-on-one coaching, and networking opportunities. In addition, we introduce you to the resources available in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, provide successful tips for growth, and highlight the importance of building your support system.
  • Step Two: Engage Assessment
    Determine where you are in your business, where you need to focus your attention, and how to build your entrepreneurial roadmap. We cover how to talk about your business, formulate strategies, define market segments, and more.
  • Step Three: One-on-One Coaching
    Gain full access to our business coaches, who are subject-matter experts, through our free, unlimited, one-on-one coaching. Our coaches answer your specific questions while encouraging, supporting, and assisting you in starting or growing your business.

    For those located outside of Huntsville, we offer one-on-one coaching via telephone. 

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