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WBCNA Clients Pay It Forward

Helping Others and Making a Difference.


Clients Pay It Forward!

You have received services from the WBCNA and benefited from the coaching and training. Now you want to pay it back by paying it forward to help others. It’s very simple. You pledge $10 per month and we will automatically debit your checking account or credit your credit card – your choice. It’s that easy to make a difference!

Return on Your Investment
One Free Workshop per Year up to $75

WBCNA Clients Pay it Forward! Logo for your Website

10% Discount on WBCNA Programs

Why Pay it Forward?

Like any non-profit, the WBCNA struggles with operational costs and how to remain sustainable from year to year. Individuals and local businesses can help us to continue to deliver quality programs and services by making a small donation.

Your tax-deductible donation will help improve economic conditions in communities across North Alabama by helping us provide entrepreneurs with the access to advice and training they need for long-term self-sufficiency.

One Free Workshop Per Year

One free workshop per year is provided to Pay it Forward! Clients (up to $75).  Our10-week comprehensive entrepreneurial program is excluded from this offer.

Logo for Your Website

A WBCNA Pay it Forward! logo for your website will be provided for free.  Having this WBCNA logo on your website demonstrates that your company is a good corporate neighbor and that you give back to your community to help others.  It is another way to align your business with the stellar reputation and integrity of WBCNA.

10% Discount on WBCNA Programs

With over 65 programs offered each year, this  discount could add up to big savings!  Pay it Forward!  clients will be provided a special code to enter when registering online for upcoming events.

Clients Pay It Forward Monthly Payment Authorization Form (PDF)